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February 14, 2010

NYC- Kradison Concert- Top 10 Things You Should Know- My Review

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Concert Friday, February 12/10 Posted on February 14/10

By: @adamquotedaily and @wowpriscilla

10) The venue was tiny and very intimate.
There were no seats and we all surrounded the stage and stood. We were four people away from the stage directly in front of Adam, centre stage. About 5 ft from him and there were no barriers.

9) Adam was a Glittery Masterpiece!
He wore a beautiful black jacket with glittery sequins on the back shaped like wings and on the arms. Fingerless black leather gloves with large silver spikes around the wrist. Hair was WOW. Down. Spikey with tons of blue glitter. More blue Glitter on his neck, chest and clothes. Makeup was phenomenal. Black eyeliner with dark blue glitter on top and bottom with harlequin style blue glitter below the eyes. Black Lipstick.

Near the end of the performance, Adam wiped the lipstick all over his face (post-sex look) and down his neck. Took his thumb and middle finger under each eye and dragged blue glitter down his face. OMG!


8) Adam saw my white and red Katy Perry Cape!!

When he first came out, I held it up and he said “We have a cape!!” (Why is that making me ecstatic?) Love you, Adam!

:06 – Rock My Town/IMG_7086.jpg (my cape)

7) People were falling left and right.
One of my friends passed out during Allison’s set. During Adam’s set, two women fainted. One of the incidents was brought to Adam’s attention when he finished a song.
He asked her “Are you OK honey?.. could we have some help here?” When she stood up she didn’t want to leave her spot but was encouraged by security to get some air. She turned to Adam and blew him a kiss and he said “Go to the bar and get a drink. You can see from there. It’ll be good, I promise.” (not a direct quote)

6) There was some delicious Adommy action.
Tommy was wearing bright red lipstick and the same blue glitter as Adam, all over. (Monte and Longineu were also blue glittered) Back on back action. One hair pulling scene. Adam seemed a bit elusive. Tommy approached him a couple of times to go back to back and Adam didn’t notice.


Hair pull gif

5) Adam danced and moved like never before.
Best dancing ever seen. Pre-idol Chippendale-plus moves. Crotch circles, thrusts, crotch grabs, kicks, jumping, strutting whirlwind. Uncensored Whole Lotta Love. “ Give you every inch of my love” with major crotch grab.

4) Adam exuded Happiness and Positive Energy
He was relaxed, happy, recently back from vacay and he thoroughly enjoyed the set. Most of the audience sang along and knew all the words. hear sing-a-long best in this one)

Adam was so much fun! He demonstrated his tongue action with several tongue flicks and he licked the lens of a camera of an audience member. He radiated joy and love… we sent it right back big time! 4:50 Camera lick

3) Adam could be a Comedian
“Are you having fun? Oh there’s a cape! Was it cold outside? Are you warm now? Are you hot? Do You like my lipstick? Its not lipstick. Its cold here in New York.”

“I got a little carried away… I tend to do that… and my ears came off… and that’s how I hear.. So I start talking… which is always my default. Ew he’s in my ass… he doesn’t go that way… just when he’s doing his audio.. that’s it. He doesn’t want to stick them too far in… I’ll do that part. Ah he’s a good sport.. give him a hand!
If I offended anybody….tough shit! Long live rock n roll!”

“ Givin you something to PASS OUT about” (Changed the words in Sure Fire Winners and pointed to where the lady had passed out)


(And right at the end of his set) “Thanks for playing along!”


2) Glambulge gets audience attention. Even more than usual!
Several times, Adam sang with one foot up on the monitor. It seemed like he was thrusting right into the audience. During WWL (1:05), he put it all out there! Several hands rubbed his leg and then one fingerless gloved hand worked its way up and gently touched the GB. Having found its success, it returned to massage GB gently until Adam moved it away and backed up.


1)It was Adam!
Adam was right there, a few feet in front of us in person. Beautiful. Sexy. Gorgeous. Hunk. OMG!!! Adamgasms. Surreal. So real. Incredible. Fabulous. Glittery… Positive adjectives ad infinitum…. Adam in the flesh “reigniting all the souls that would die just to feel alive.”

Thanks you Adam for a spectacular experience. You are the greatest!



  1. YES ADAM WAS AMAZING!!!! 4 weeks ago!!!!!!!!!!!WOW

    Comment by Merrie — March 13, 2010 @ 11:45 am

  2. Since I was one of the lucky ones to witness this magical night, I thank you for putting in all in writing so we don’t ever forget a moment (like we ever could?)……Thank you for the delicious details!!!!
    Lisa (fainter #1) 🙂

    Comment by Lisa Harrington — March 13, 2010 @ 2:13 pm

  3. Best fangirl night of my life, that’s for sure ! And to share it with everyone around us made me feel downright normal, as normal as any Glambert can be in the presence of the 21st century’s first Rock God.
    Love Adamquotedaily !!!

    Comment by katesistergood — March 15, 2010 @ 3:39 pm

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